Flamegraph Profiler

Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
Feb 08, 2018
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Instrumentation Java Profiler & Flamegraph Visualizer
Quick Start
Use Flight Recorder to profile your program and then open flamegraph:
  1. Run JVM with following VM options: -XX:+UnlockCommercialFeatures -XX:+FlightRecorder -XX:StartFlightRecording=duration=30s,filename=my_recording.jfr
  2. Open visualizer Tools | Flamegraph Profiler | Upload File...
  3. Upload my_recording.jfr
Performance Recording
Plugin lets you record performance of Java program with instrumentation profiler.
  1. To specify methods that will be recorded open Tools | Flamegraph Profiler | Edit Configuration...
  2. To run program with profiler select the desired run configuration and choose Run with profiler
  3. Also you can configure profiler to save value of method's parameters or it's return value. This should be done if you want to see how parameters influence method's performance. To enable this option check 'Save' checkbox beside type of parameter(s) when editing pattern in configuration.
Visualizing Results
You can analyze performance of your program with Flamegraph Visualizer.
It supports following files:
  1. ser files generated by Flamegraph Profiler
  2. jfr files generated by Flight Recorder
  3. Yourkit csv files. To generate csv file from a snapshot run following script: java -jar -Dexport.call.tree.cpu -Dexport.csv /lib/yjp.jar -export ~/Snapshots/.snapshot
  4. Files in flamegraph format
Ways to open visualizer:
  1. After executing program with the profiler choose Tools | Flamegraph Profiler | Open Results... to see the result.
  2. To upload your .jfr or .ser file choose Tools | Flamegraph Profiler | Upload File...
Detailed description at github.com/kornilova-l/flamegraph-visualizer

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Recent change notes

  • Optimized visualization of big trees.
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements.