Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
Nov 28, 2018
Intellij idea plugin for Nutz

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  • 1、Support the Nutz Boot project to build quickly
  • 2、Click on the template icon in front of @Ok in Nutz Action to quickly open or switch to an already opened template file.
  • 3、Fast positioning of framework resource files supporting HTML, JSP and other format files as templates (can be dynamically configured)
  • 4、Add a Find @At Map Address Shortcut to the Navigate Menu
  • 5、Support for folding display of internationalized configuration file variable values ​​in the Nutz web environment (shortcut: Alt++ or Alt+-)
  • 6、The Beetl template also supports internationalization profile folding (${i18n("login.sucess")} or ${i18n("login.sucess","parameter 1","parameter N")} ) (shortcut: Alt++) Or Alt+-)
  • 7、Nutz supports folding display java class injection configuration file variable value @Inject("java:$conf.get('attach.savePath')") (shortcut: Alt++ or Alt+-)
  • 8、@Inject("java:$conf.get('attach.savePath')") You can jump to each other in java files and configuration files by ctrl+click or ctrl+b
  • 9、Quickly create interfaces and implementation classes in the support entity class (shortcut: Alt + insert )
  • 1、支持NutzBoot项目快速搭建
  • 2、在 Nutz Action 中点击 @Ok 前面的模版图标即可快速打开或切换至已经打开的模版文件
  • 3、支持以HTML、JSP等格式文件作为模版的框架资源文件的快速定位(支持动态配置)
  • 4、Navigate菜单中增加查找@At映射地址快捷方式
  • 5、Nutz web环境中支持折叠显示国际化配置文件变量值(快捷键:Alt++或Alt+-)
  • 6、Beetl模版中也支持国际化配置文件折叠(${i18n("login.sucess")}或者${i18n("login.sucess","参数1","参数N")} )(快捷键:Alt++或Alt+-)
  • 7、Nutz 支持折叠显示java类中注入配置文件变量值 @Inject("java:$conf.get('attach.savePath')")(快捷键:Alt++或Alt+-)
  • 8、@Inject("java:$conf.get('attach.savePath')") 可以通过 ctrl+click 或 ctrl+b 在java文件与配置文件中互相跳转
  • 9、支持实体类中快速创建接口与实现类(快捷键:Alt+insert)


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Recent change notes

Update: Add asynchronous scanning At Mapping mechanism and implement caching to achieve fast search mapping address. 更新:添加异步扫描AtMapping机制,并实现缓存,达到快速查找映射地址