Jbehave Step Generator

Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
Jun 14, 2018
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About this plugin
This plugin is intended to simplify usage of Jbehave framework in Intellij IDEA. Idea of this plugin was borrowed from Visual Studio + Specflow integration tool, that allows to produce step definitions in one-click way. Currently, this plugin allows to generate step definition and insert it into clipboard, as well as insert step definition into selected class

This plugin how-to:
  1. Place caret on step in *.story file you want to generate
  2. Press Alt+Enter
  3. Select "Generate BDD Step"
    Go to file you want your step definition to be placed into and paste ready step definition from standard clipboard (Ctrl+V)
  4. Or

  5. Select "Generate BDD Step into class"
    In the dialog select class to insert bdd step into and press "Select"(Enter)
    Alternatively, click "Select and navigate" (Alt+Enter) to jump to the inserted method
  6. Enjoy:)

This plugin supports automatic parameter extraction. Parameters use the mechanism of Jbehave parameter injection (http://jbehave.org/reference/latest/parameter-injection.html)
So far here is the list of parameters supported:
  1. String - parameters for parametrized scenarios (in <> brackets)
  2. Double
  3. Integer (confusion between int and long was not tested)
  4. Boolean
  5. Examples tables

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Recent change notes

Implemented insertion of generated method directly into selected class Implemented ability to jump to the place where just generated method was inserted

General usage instructions

This plugin allows enables new shortcuts to speed up step generation:

Click Ctrl+Alt+B in feature file to generate step for the line under caret
On classpicker dialog use Alt+Enter to invoke "Select and navigate" action