The plugin update is pending JetBrains approval
Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA PhpStorm WebStorm PyCharm AppCode CLion GoLand DataGrip Rider MPS Android Studio
Jan 20, 2018
Lice language support.
Functions provided:

  • Semantics-based highlighting and error reporting
  • Code completions, inspections and quick fixes
  • SDK configuration, try-evaluate, in-place evaluation and code execution
  • Bread crumb, code folding, spell checking, structure view

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Recent change notes

  • Some minor changes and internal refactorings.
  • Improved parser, try-eval error reporter and annotator.
  • Better handling functions and anonymous functions when try-eval.
  • Support conversion of prelude functions in in-place evaluation.
  • Added download option for v3.3.2 and removed older buggy versions.

  • A fatal bug fix. Now it's tested and verified to be bugless.

  • Basic reference resolving, marking unresolved references
  • Add in-place evaluation
  • Support Lice v3.3.1 and v3.3.2 (final stable version)
  • Fix bug of finding plugin path

  • Parser and action bug fixes
  • Added bread crumb, code folding, structure view and spell checker

  • Try evaluate action
  • Support Lice v3.3.0

  • Fixed no default working directory bug
  • Improved File IO
  • Added some basic quick fixes
  • Improved SDK settings

  • Fixed color settings bug
  • Added SDK configuration and code execution

General usage instructions

Use it as you think