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Feb 24, 2018
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Shortcut Key:

Windows: Alt + insert, Mac: control + Enter

  • GoCss
    • Jump to stylus css
      • .vue file
      • .pug jump to .styl file
    • New class mode
      • If plugin can not find selected class,it will think you want to create a new class,such as:$style.aBC => .a-b-c
  • PasteCss
    • format some css(don't contains class or id) you copy from another place, such as chrome or files, such as margin:0; => margin 0
Vue template jump to stylus, somebody who want find css from .vue template or .pug template!

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Recent change notes

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  • 1.2.5 优化PasteCss插入方式,现在会正确插入到指定位置。新增选中部分样式,可以直接替换插入,注意替换插入包含两步:删除和插入,因此撤销时需要两次才能撤销完善。
  • 1.2.6 继续优化PasteCss将插入操作合并成一步,进一步方便使用。
  • 1.2.7 优化PasteCss格式化代码的逻辑,区别处理混合代码的格式化效果;优化GoCss跳转后光标位置。