Properties Compare

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA PyCharm
Jan 18, 2018

Plugin for detailed compare of .properties files.

This plugin adds new button "Compare with Properties..." to right click menu in project structure tree or in editor for files with .properties extension. Selecting this action allows you to compare this file with any other properties file included in current project as well as any other file in file system.

There are 3 comparison methods:
• Show all content of both file
• Show only different entries
• Show only same entries

Comparison result includes only keys and values of properties files, all comments, empty lines, line breaks etc. are removed, allowing you to see only content that matters for your task.

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General usage instructions

Open right click menu in project structure or in editor for any .properties file. Select "Compare with Properties..." action. Now you can compare content of a current file with content of any other .properties file in a project or file system.