Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA MPS Android Studio
Dec 19, 2018

Instrument your applications with Contrast Security to gain real-time visibility to vulnerabilities in your application, and to defend them against attacks.

Contrast integrates with your existing SDLC processes to provide an easy way to view and fix vulnerabilities in your code, and protect your applications.

The Contrast for IntelliJ plugin lists the vulnerabilities from your application directly in your IntelliJ environment enabling developers to resolve issues faster.

Please note that you will need the Contrast TeamServer in order to use this feature.

You can learn more about Contrast Security's latest products by visiting our website at

To schedule a demo, contact us at or by calling 1-888-371-1333.

Welcome to the Era of Self-Protecting Software.

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Recent change notes

* We can now link to methods even when the line number is not present in the vulnerability trace * Fixed issue when credentials have whitespace