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Feb 19, 2018
A simple way to see your Amazon CloudWatch logs without closing your IDE :)
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Before using the plugin set up credentials at the Settings menu. See the README

!!! This is still a work in progress !!!
The plugin works just fine, if used properly, but without correct credentials it might crash it will be fixed in next release.

Download plugin

Recent change notes

  • Add Searchable Configuration to Settings menu
  • Settings are saved (project based) and are automatically reloaded
  • More comfortable UI
  • Ability to choose between 3 types of credentials
  • Fetching log groups starts in the background (does not block IntelliJ anymore)
  • Assumed Roles

General usage instructions

1. Select the AWS Tail plugin on the bottom (ToolWindow) 2. Wait for it to load, this might take a few seconds (I will fix this later) 3. Input comma separated keywords which filter the log group name list 4. Select the log you want to see