Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
Jan 11, 2018
Assertions2Assert2 Helper plugin to convert Junit and Hamcrest Assertions to AssertJ. The plugin will aid in the conversion of assert statements, but does not support conversion of all Hamcrest and Junit asserts scenarios. Some manual intervention may be needed.

  • Note that AssertJ must be included in the IntelliJ project classpath for the Plugin to successfully complete.
  • The plugin does NOT convert Hamcrest assertions included in Mockito verify statements
  • The plugin does NOT convert all assertions that utilize matchers embedded within other matchers (e.g. anyOf(equalTo(1.0), equalTo(2.0))).
  • When a file contains both assertions that are converted, and assertions that are ignored, the Hamcrest imports will still be deleted.
  • Does not support the following Hamcrest matchers
    • allOf
    • anything
    • everyItem
    • hasXPath
    • samePropertyValueAs
  • Does not support the following Junit Asserts
    • assertTimeout
    • assertTimeoutPreemptively

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