DataWeave 2.0 Intellij Plugin.

The plugin update is pending JetBrains approval
Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
Jun 24, 2018
DataWeave 2.0 Intellij Plugin. This plugin allows to edit, run debug data weave files.

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Recent change notes

  • DataWeave 2.0 Support

    • Grammar Parsing
    • Color Highlighting.
    • Local Refactoring.
    • Run/Debug Script.
    • String Interpolation support.
    • Simple mule config language injection.
  • DataWeave 2.0 Support

    • Initial Testing Framework
  • DataWeave 2.0 Support

    • Autocomplete
    • Introduce Variable
    • Introduce Constant
    • Documentation
    • Show Inferred Type
    • Reformat Weave Document
    • Spell checking
    • Weave Preview support
    • Regex validation
    • Improved language injection in mule configuration and java literals
    • Surround with log and DoBlock
    • Go To Class support
    • Migrate from V1 to V2 of DW
    • Introduce Function
    • Autocompletion of media types with writer properties
    • Introduce Type
    • Debugging tests

General usage instructions

Install the plugin and start creating .dwl files. Features: Color Hilighting Local refactor Local Navegation Run/Debug Mapping Syntax validation Test Framework support