CXA Dev Platform

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
Apr 30, 2018
IBM Tealeaf is a customer behavioral analytics SDK as documented here.
License files can be read here. CXA Plugin Description.

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Recent change notes

April 2018 Release Tealeaf Module, EOCore and TeaCuts Fixed an issue with font color on AbsSpinner. Fixed an issue with font color on checkbox. Fixed an issue with RippleDrawable images that use a differnt image format that produced black borders that missing the transparency. Fixed an issue with image size and placement. Fixed an issue with get style for drawable of track. Fixed some issues with color values. Improved Event ordering. Fixed an Activity leak issue.

General usage instructions

The Android Studio plugin provides seamless SDK integration to mobile developers who are looking to take advantage of the Watson Customer Experience Analytics Platform. The plugin can be used to instrument the SDK into your Android application automatically