Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
Jan 19, 2005
Lineage: High Powered Class Creation
* Use Lineage to extend and implement classes and interfaces much faster and with more flexibility by invoking an intention or using a keyboard shortcut.
* Lineage replaces the Create from Usage quick fixes with its own, so you can specify visibility, abstractness and location faster and easier.
* Paste classes into your project structure from examples found on the web or other external source files.
* The standard Create Class functionality has been expanded and improved.
* Extended Highlight Usages: Invoke it on an import keyword to see where in the file import statements are used.

All features are accessible via the keyboard.

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Recent change notes

0.5.4 (19 January 2005) - fix for openapi change in #3177
0.5.3 (11 January 2005) - fixed NullPointerException reported by Nathan Brown
0.5.2 (10 January 2005) - fixed NullPointerException reported by Alain Ravet
0.5.1 (7 January 2005) - fixed typo in description
0.5 (7 January 2005) - first released version