Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
Feb 02, 2018
This plugin adds support for Cocol/R language and Coco/R compiler generator.
For more details about Coco/R please refer to .
Any bug reports should be filed on

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Recent change notes


  • Syntax Highlighting - Customizable via settings page
  • Commenter (Block and line comments)
  • Syntax Error highlighting (unexpected tokens)
  • Reference check (report unresolvable references to characters, tokens and productions)
  • Declaration order check (report references to characters and tokens declared after usage)
  • Attributes check (productions have to be used with or without attributes according to declaration)
  • Highlight unused characters, tokens, pragmas and productions
  • Code Folding
  • Structure View
  • Find usages
  • Inplace rename refactorings (Compiler, Characters, Tokens, Pragmas and Productions)
  • Brace matching for (), [], {}, <>, <..> and (..)
  • Code completion (Compiler, Character, Token, Pragma and Production names)
  • Go to declaration
  • Go to symbol / Symbol search
  • Go to generated code (for productions)
  • Configurable Java language injection
  • Generate Scanner and Parser via menu action
  • Automatic detection of appropriate output folder for generated Java classes
  • Automatic detection of package in case no $package directive is present)
  • Automatic detection of appropriate output root for generated Java classes
  • Warnings and Errors during Coco/R execution are shown within the Problems Tool Window
  • Errors from generated Parser are mapped back to the grammar file