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Sep 06, 2018
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Julia language support.

Chinese video instructions: av20155813

You're encouraged to contribute to the plugin in any form if you've found any issues or missing functionality that you'd want to see. Check out CONTRIBUTING to learn how to setup the project and contributing guidelines.

All your issues/pull requests will be replied very quickly.

Functions provided:
  • SDK and module management
  • A GUI package manager
  • Documentation view
  • Syntax highlight
  • Language injection
  • Run configuration and code execution
  • Live templates
  • File templates
  • Completions
  • Jump to definition
  • Find usages
  • Renaming
  • Doc string generation
  • Try Evaluate
  • Evaluate Hints (Somewhat strange)
  • Bread crumbs
  • Regular expression injection
  • DocString markdown injection (works only when either Markdown or MarkdownNavigator is installed)
  • Special input for LaTeX style unicode character
  • Structure view
  • DocumentFormat.jl integration
  • Error reporter
What you'll see in the future:
  • Formatter
  • Displaying numeral output as images
Please don't downvote our plugin for not having one of the features above, because we're just working on it.

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Recent change notes


  • Fix Unicode output for Running a Julia File
  • Fix Unicode input for Symbol like ² and ³
  • Fix global statements parsing and linting
  • Fix anonymous functions, transpose literals parsing
  • Fix compatibility issue about unicode input ≤ 2018.1
  • More Julia 1.0 compatibility fixes
  • More live template contexts
Congratulations about Julia 1.0! We have some compatibility issues with this plugin and Julia 1.0,
and they're mostly fixed in this build.
Also, we've introduced some awesome new features by @zxj5470, and get some bug fixes.
  • Fix implicit multiplication after ()
  • Fix some deprecation (especially error reporter)
  • Added 1.0 and 0.6 API list (so you have clear understanding of version-specific APIs)
  • Julia 1.0 compatibility improvements
  • Unicode input user experience improvement
  • Fix error when git does not exist
  • Fix RegEx bug
  • More live-template context types
  • Fix icon too large under 2018.2
  • Bug fixes
  • Improve function completions
  • Use Kotlin 1.2.41 for better optimized JVM bytecode
  • Remove inefficient or operation
  • Fix a robustness-related bug
  • Fix renaming bug
Please notice we've migrated the global settings to a new format,
old global settings (all recorded julia executables) might lost.
  • Now package manager data are cached
  • Support byte array literals (b"\xff")
  • Bug fix on annotator
  • Bug fix on version number / raw string literals lexing
  • Fix a PhpStorm bug
  • Resolve variable declaration in for comprehensions
  • Resolve variable declaration in lambdas
  • Package manager is now in beta
  • Support version number (v"1.0") literals
  • Support raw string (raw"$(no interpolate)") literals
  • Request focus for unicode input mode (bug only with 2018.1)
  • Icons are renamed to avoid conflicts
  • New icon for sdk addition
  • Fix bug of console filter
  • Migrate to IDEA 2018.1
  • Global unicode support is possible
  • Try to fix some "can't reproduce" bugs
  • Fix incorrect module creation step
  • Fix incorrect name validator
  • Macro highlight under white theme
  • Capability to IDEA 2018.2 or higher (guava API changed)
  • Migrate to Kotlin 1.2.31
  • Better unicode support
  • Remove brace matching for end to support for comprehension better
  • More reference resolving
  • Migrate JFlex and Grammar-Kit versions to the newest ones
This is a bug fix version, we only fix old bugs here.
  • Parser bug fixes
  • Execution bug fixes
  • Error reporter bug fixes
  • Better DocumentFormat.jl config parser
  • Now your history of selected Julia executables will be saved
  • Big refactor of the package manager
  • Temporarily removed stub to prevent throwing exceptions
  • First step to the documentation view
  • Countless bug fixes
  • Fix improper icons
  • Countless parser bug fixes
  • Deals with julia#9384
  • Initial work about the GUI package manager
  • Boat new completions that you've never seen before
  • Julia setting is now global and will sync with JetBrains account
  • Lint warning position refactored
  • New icons for modules, functions, etc.
  • Evaluate hints (a somewhat strange feature)
  • "Install DocumentFormat.jl" will not be clickable if it's already installed
  • Improve console linkenizer
  • Parser bug fixes
  • Improve formatter
  • Improve quick fixes
  • Support local variable definition resolving
  • Remove countless incorrect resolving
  • Nightly build detection with notifications
  • Invalid Julia config detection with notifications
  • GoLand project creation support
  • Refactor structure view
  • Refactor doc string generation
  • Resolver bug fixes
  • Parser bug fixes
  • Parser bug fixes
  • More quick fixes (inserting doc strings, conversion between functions and compact functions)
  • Display preview in LaTeX completions
  • Basic jump to definition
  • Basic renaming
  • Basic find usages
  • Clearer file templates
  • Injection for DocStrings in types and modules
  • Big refactor on Regular expression highlighting

  • Unicode input key changed to `\`
  • Parser bug fixes
  • RegExp injection
  • DocString markdown injection (works only when either Markdown or MarkdownNavigator is installed)
  • Fix bug of error reporter

  • Unicode input mode by typing `Ctrl+Alt+\`
  • Structure view
  • More icons for files and AST structures
  • Improved DocumentFormat.jl support
  • Parser bug fixes

  • Bug reporter (work when plugin throws uncaught exceptions)
  • New icon for modules and types
  • Bread crumbs
  • Countless parser bug fix
  • Run configuration improvements
  • DocumentFormat.jl integration

  • Language injection in strings
  • File icon will change when the it's just a module
  • Completely new project configuration
  • Countless parser bug fix