Jumble for IntelliJ

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
Feb 04, 2018
Jumble J to run your Test With Jumble easily.
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Recent change notes

Creation new plugin - Support setting jumble.jar - Support adding automatically classpath

General usage instructions

Set the jumble.jar in the preference. The jar can be found in http://jumble.sourceforge.net Pick any class which has a unit test. Select the Jumble Runner. Select the right the options (see the options from http://jumble.sourceforge.net), the module (to define the class path), the JRE, the VM arguments and Environments. Run the test ! You should see : Mutating Foo Tests: FooTest Mutation points = 12, unit test time limit 2.02s .. M FAIL: Foo:31: negated conditional M FAIL: Foo:33: negated conditional M FAIL: Foo:34: - -> + M FAIL: Foo:35: negated conditional ...... Score: 67%