IBM Application Security on Cloud

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
Jan 22, 2019
IBM Application Security on Cloud Plugin

Apply the power of static application security testing with IBM Application Security on Cloud -- a SaaS solution that helps to eliminate vulnerabilities from applications before they are deployed. IBM Application Security on Cloud integrates directly into the SDLC, providing static, dynamic, mobile and open source testing.

You can submit static and open source scans directly from the IBM Application Security on Cloud IntelliJ plugin or use it to view results run by others in your IDE. The results are quickly returned (90% are returned in less than one hour) directly within IntelliJ, having been honed by Intelligent Finding Analytics, which uses IBM’s Artificial Intelligence capabilities to greatly reduce false positives and other noise by an average of more than 98%. IFA also displays optimal locations for developers to fix multiple vulnerabilities in the code. Click here for more information.

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General usage instructions

To run a security scan, right-click your project and select Security Analysis -> Run Static Analysis. To view existing security issues, go to View -> Security Analysis -> Application Issues. Note: Requires an account on the IBM Application Security on Cloud service.