Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
Aug 28, 2005
Plugins contains several tools related to working with class declarations. I hope you find these tools useful. They are:
  • Add Super - an intention in Declaration section that allows to add super class (or super interface) to existing class or interface. Along with extension, an appropriate editor action exists too (invoked via ALT-I in default keymap).
  • New Java Type - editor action that allows quickly create new top-level Java type (class, interface, annotation or enum) directly working in editor (via ALT-N in default keymap). Action lets you specify name of type as well as package whether that class should be located (by default, package of currently open file is used).
  • Implement/Override - a small tool that allows to implement AND override methods from super classes/interfaces via single action - (invoked via ALT-M in default keymap) Actually, I never could understand why IDEA treats these operations as different ones. This tools works similarly to built-in "Override Methods" and "Implement methods", except that in the list it shows all methods that may be overriden and implemented. Also, this tool allows you to filter list to view only abstract methods.

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Recent change notes

0.5 (28 August 2005) - First released version. Please note that I've made that plugin just in several hours overy weekend just playing with Idea API, so I could miss something and therefore any your comments and suggestions are welcome.