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Feb 27, 2019

You can invoke these actions via IntelliJ's "Find Action" or "Search Everything" functionality, you can also assign keyboard shortcuts to them under Preferences | Keymap | Plug-ins | Actions.

Case conversion:
  • Upcase Region or to Word End
  • Downcase Region or to Word End
  • Capitalize Region or to Word End
Rectangular selection:
  • Create Rectangle: Create a rectangular selection between the start and end position of the current multiline selection
Structural editing:
  • Kill to Code End: Kill from caret offset to the end of the code block, statement, method etc (Java).
  • Use "CamelHumps" Words in Current Editor

Recent change notes

  • Fix Kill to Code End not handling comment/code structure properly.
  • Fix Rectangle Create not working properly with multiple cursors.
  • Add Kill to Code End.
  • Add Use "CamelHumps" Words in Current Editor.
  • Fix Rectangle Create not working properly when editor has folded regions.