Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
Oct 05, 2018
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V.Desk! enables its user to sort and organize opened files on virtual-desks (such as most of the window managers do with virtual desktops)

Using V.Desk! your workspace is now not only organized by tabs but also by virtual-desks: as a consequence, your worksspace is cleaner and files are easier to find

By allowing you to better organize your workspace, V.Desk! increases your efficiency and thus your productivity

Once V.Desk! is installed is restarted, nothing special happens... but now, it's possible to switch virtual desktop using shortcuts "crtl+alt+shift+left", "crtl+alt+shift+right", "crtl+alt+shift+top", "crtl+alt+shift+bottom" or via the V.Desk! sub-menu of the View menu.

  • Open files in virtual desk
  • Switch virtual desk via keyboard shortcuts and menu
  • When changing virtual desk, do not reopen file if it was deleted
  • After switching, display above the status-bar a message indicating the id of the new desktop
  • Add shortcuts to go directly to particular desk
  • Save and restore tab organization while switching desk
Limitation / Forcasted Features
  • Dynamically change the number of virtual desk
  • Move an editor for a virtual desk to another
  • After changing, restore the "order" in which windows where openned last time this virtual desk was active

Recent change notes

Save and restore tab organization while switching desk