Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
Mar 19, 2009
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A productivity tool to help you work with databases inside IDEA. This tool is targeted on the Java developers, who are also stored procedure developers. Key features include: 1) Adding two new file types IDEA can recognize: a. SQL – The SQL script file b. DIA – The database schema diagram file 2) Basic syntax highlighting – Supporting keywords, single line comments, /** **/ style multi-line comments, strings and number. The keyword is updated dynamically based on the database you are working with. 3) Code completion: a. Supporting basic completion: Hit Ctrl + Space lists all the objects in the current database and narrows down as the user typing b. Correlation name completion: When the user hits ‘.’, it will resolve the correlation name and pops up the suggestions, such as catalogs, schemas, table columns and stored procedures. It can also resolve SQL correlation name, temp tables, declared variables and parameters (works for SQL iAnywhere or ASE T-SQL format) 4) Run SQL script inside IDEA editor – At any time, the user can highlight a block SQL script or run the whole SQL script in IDEA editor and the result will show in the DBHelper output panel. 5) View Database schema as diagram – At any time, the user can select multiple tables or a type of tables and view the schema in a graphical diagram. The diagram can be saved as DIA format or copied as image. 6) Update table data – The user can view the data of any table and insert/delete/update the table data. 7) Support multiple databases via standard JDBC interface, tested databases are: a. Sybase SQL Anywhere (tested on version 9.x) b. Sybase ASE (tested on version 12.x) c. MySQL (tested on version 5.x) d. SQL Server (tested on version 2000) e. Oracle (tested on 9i) Extra database meta data can be supported by adding plugin jars to DBHelper (Implementing IMetaProvider interface, see ASA user meta extension sample) 8) It is designed to be extended using Velocity templates. (Velocity is an open source apache project for generating text content based on a simple template). Uses can add templates to generate customized content based on the database meta data, such as generating XML data based on resultset, or JDBC call to retrieve the resultset from the database. There are some templates come with this release as examples. 9) SQLConsole is newly added to support users that primarily don’t write lots of stored procedures and only want to run some simple queries inside IDEA. Users can open SQLConsole in DBOutput tool window and run any SQL queries. Of course syntax highlighting and SQL code completion are also available in the SQLConsole. 10) Query Manager: Users can create new or update queries in DBOutput tool window Saved Queries tab.

Recent change notes

1) Add Ctrl+Shift+Space for smart SQL completion 2) Add feature to copy database connection profile 3) Add feature to run any Velocity template 4) DBHelper can support editting sql files with different file extension, not just .sql. 5) Add feature to hide a database profile 6) Support the new IDEA 7.x

General usage instructions

The plugin zip file includes the documentation.