TypoScript - Enterprise

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Nov 16, 2018
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Please uninstall the TypoScript plugin from Intellij before you install this one, because this combination can lead to crashes and unforeseeable problems.

This plugin provides support for the TypoScript configuration language of the TYPO3 CMS and for Neos Fusion of Neos.

Neos Fusion Feature Highlights:
  • Code Highlighting
  • Code Folding
  • Code Formatting
  • Error Detection
  • Breadcrumb

TypoScript Feature Highlights:
  • Code Highlighting
  • Code Folding
  • Code Formatting
  • Code Auto Completion with multi file support
  • Code Type Annotation
  • Code Documentation (Ctrl+Q on Windows/Unix, Ctrl-J on Mac)
  • File auto completion for INCLUDE_TYPOSCRIPT values
  • Go to file support for INCLUDE_TYPOSCRIPT values
  • Error Detection
  • Structure Tree
  • Breadcrumb, can be disabled in the TypoScript settings (File -> Settings -> IDE Settings -> TypoScript)
TypoScript Commercial Feature Highlights:
  • No ads.
  • File auto completion for EXT: values.
  • Go to file support for EXT: values.
  • More in developement...

The TypoScript code value annotation is an additional feature for the code auto completion.
You can assign a specified data value for any keyword to let PhpStorm know, how to handle keywords that are not defined inside the project or the included tsref.xml.

You can easy advance the tsref.xml by creating a new file called "tsref_additionals_[1,2,...].xml" in the folder "de/sgalinski/typocript/resources/". Then you can add your special values.

    // @var [Key] [Type]
    // @var plugin.tx_ext.someProperty stdWrap
    plugin.tx_ext.someProperty {
    plugin {
        /** My description
         * to this specific
         * variable
         * @var .tx_ext TEXT
        tx_ext.someProperty {

We will deliver bugfixes in the future. Please check for updates regularly.
If you find bugs or have feature requests, please open a ticket in our public issue tracker.


Details about the license can be found on the site behind the following link: https://www.sgalinski.de/licenses/spl/

Recent change notes

  • [FEATURE] Better license management error handling.
  • [FEATURE] Better error detection of the license check.
  • [TASK] Renaming of the plugin to TypoScript - Enterprise.
  • [TASK] Adds a Google campaign to the html file note.
  • [TASK] Change of the plugin name to TypoScript, because of a review.
  • [TASK] Adapation of the links to the new plugin repository.

Blog article

  • TypoScript
    • [FEATURE] It's possible to jump directly to the PHP class, if a valid namespace is used, also working for user functions.
    • [FEATURE] Allows the usage of relative file paths in the TypoScript Include syntax.
    • [FEATURE] Improvement of the auto completion of the TypoScript Include syntax.
    • [FEATURE] Adds the new TYPO3 9 syntax, like @import and the Symfony Expression Syntax.
    • [FEATURE] Improvement of the overall performance.
    • [TASK] Update of the tsref.xml.
    • [TASK] Improvement of the license dialog for more usability and easier updating.
    • [TASK] Improvement of the MAC user experience for older versions.
    • [TASK] Better messages and dialogs.
    • [BUGFIX] The auto documentation wasn't working in some cases.
    • [BUGFIX] Resolvement of some exceptions, which occur during the indexing and while the auto completion.
    • [BUGFIX] Sometimes an exception is thrown, if two or more projects do indexing at the same time.

Blog article

  • TypoScript
    • [FEATURE] Introduction of ".typoscript" as a new TypoScript file extension.
    • [FEATURE] Adds more files, which are recognized as TypoScript. (constants.ts, setup.ts, constants.typoscript, setup.typoscript)
    • [FEATURE] Improvement of the RAM and CPU usage for some cases.
    • [FEATURE] Basic support for the new custom conditions.
    • [FEATURE] Adds a quickfix for the old comment type with just one slash.
    • [BUGFIX] Incorrectly mentioned error while referencing with the shorthand syntax. Finally fixed after 2 years, Hooray! :)
    • [BUGFIX] The include TypoScript line shows an error, if the "EXT:" isn't prefixed with a "FILE:" or "DIR:".
    • [BUGFIX] The comma is shown as a bug within the TypoScript functions like "replaceString(,|)".
    • [BUGFIX] Some exceptions were shown in the latest IDE versions.

Blog article

  • Neos Fusion
    • [FEATURE] Adding more file extensions. (.fusion .nf)
    • [FEATURE] Update of the parser, so we have a better performance.
  • TypoScript
    • [FEATURE] Adds an auto completion for the new conditions in the INCLUDE_TYPOSCRIPT lines.
    • [FEATURE] Update of the parser, so we have a better performance.
    • [FEATURE] Creation of a new notification with license dialog.
    • [TASK] Now the notification will appear after 100 starts.
    • [BUGFIX] The auto formatting adds a space after an equals in conditions.
1.7 1.6
  • TypoScript
    • [FEATURE] Massive improvements of the description of each element. (Ctrl+Q on Windows/Unix, Ctrl-J on Mac) ;)
    • [FEATURE] A possibility to choose the source for the auto completion and documentation within the ide settings
    • [FEATURE] External libraries are considered now, so they are available as variables
    • [FEATURE] Inline documentation for variables without a type. It's mostly like the PHP-doc syntax. An example is in the plugin description
    • [FEATURE] Strong performance boost for the auto completion and documentation
    • [FEATURE] Implementation of the goto deceleration for include TypoScript lines
    • [FEATURE] Some smaller improvements...
    • [BUGFIX] ...and bugfixes
1.5 1.4 1.3
  • [FEATURE][TS2] Neos support
    • [FEATURE][TS2] Syntax highlighter
    • [FEATURE][TS2] Syntax error detection
    • [FEATURE][TS2] Brace matcher
    • [FEATURE][TS2] Code formatter
    • [FEATURE][TS2] Folding builder
    • [FEATURE][TS2] Breadcrumb

  • [FEATURE][TS1] Implementation of a breadcrumb bar for the editor
  • [TASK][TS1] Change of the element type in the code autocompletion
  • [BUGFIX][TS1] The autocompletion does not work in some cases.
  • [BUGFIX][TS1] FLUIDTEMPLATE is missing in the tsref.xml.
  • [BUGFIX][TS1] An extra brace will be created if a block begins directly after a keyword.
  • [BUGFIX][TS1] Sometimes the code documentation is not shown.
  • [FEATURE] Implementation of the "jump to" function to the structure tree.
  • [FEATURE] Implementation of an asc and desc sorter of the structure tree.
  • [FEATURE] Implementation of a spellchecker in comments.
  • [FEATURE] Implementation of a possibility to change the default file extension in the settings dialog of the IDE.
  • [BUGFIX] The multi line values are not visible in the structure tree.
  • [BUGFIX] A new TypoScript file cannot be created
  • [BUGFIX] NoSuchMethodError for current_position_ on startup
  • Extremely reduced the memory footprint
  • Improved the overall plugin performance
  • Constants as key values don't are marked as syntax errors anymore
  • Fixed the conflicts with the Intellij TypoScript plugin
  • Some additional minor fixes
  • Initial release