AspectJ weaver

Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
Jan 07, 2013
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Post-compile AspectJ weaving

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Recent change notes

3.0.0 Support for IntelliJ 12. Thanks to João Marcus Christ for contributing necessary changes!
2.09 Indicating compatibility with IntelliJ 11.1.5 in plugin meta data...
2.08 Indicating incompatibility with IntelliJ 12 in plugin meta data.
2.07 Fix problems with OpenJDK and Groovy.
2.06 AspectJ 1.6.10 bundled.
2.05 Changing internal naming since JetBrains "stole" the current one.
2.04 Use JDK 1.5 to fix OS X compatibility.
2.03 / 1.25 Ignore abstract aspects.
2.02 / 1.24 Fixing problems with source line references.
2.01 Support for IntelliJ 9 final.
2.00 Support for IntelliJ 9 beta. Thanks to Mario Ivankovits! Note that this version is not compatible with previous versions of IntelliJ.
1.23 Adding hidden setting noInline. Setting last compatible build.
1.22 Bundling AspectJ 1.6.5. Fixing problems with Thanks to Mario Ivankovits!
1.21 Avoid some problems with searching for aspects inside aspectjlib.jar. Avoid problems with disabled aspects.
1.20 Add support for IntelliJ IDEA 8.
1.13 Avoid possibility of NullPointerException introduced in 1.12.
1.12 Fix problems with @DeclareParents. Bundle AspectJ 1.6.1.
1.11 Silently ignore invalid class files when scanning for aspects.
1.10 AspectJ 1.6.0 bundled.
1.07 Bugfix: IntelliJ would hang at project load if weaving was active but no aspects listed.
1.06 AspectJ 1.5.4 bundled.
1.05 Fixing unclosed file stream.
1.04 Fixing problems with aspect inheritance/classpath issues.
1.03 Updating to AspectJ 1.5.3. Fixing a few bugs, for example regarding annotations in join point patterns.
1.02 Fixing bug related to Windows pathnames with spaces.
1.01 Internal improvement to prevent potential bug.
1.00 Fixing bugs with regards to aspects in JAR files. Several minor improvements.
0.20 Radically improved performance by storing aspects in project files. Aspects may be enabled/disabled in project settings
0.11 Improved message handling.

General usage instructions

Activate on Build menu, then compile