ROS-Robot Operating System

Compatible with CLion
Mar 12, 2019

This plugin allow to develop ROS nodes inside the IDE without the need to start CLion from a command line.

It makes available all the CLion programming facilities (code completion and so on ).

You can to create a new workspace or import an existing one; the plugin will set CLion in order it use rhe right environment variables.

Set all the ros versions available in your environment and import or create a new ROS workspace

You can run the .launch files inside the IDE

You can run/debug all the nodes, also the external ones, inside the IDE

Future develop

Template for node/service creation

Auto configure lanch files when import a workspace

Auto configure nodes when import a workspace

Allow to create a new Node,Service or Message

Recent change notes

• 1.3.1 → Fix compatibiliy with 2019.1 version"

• 1.3.1 → Fix bug #1: remove log handle for roslaunch because not support in kinetic version

• 1.3.0 → Run/debug nodes, also external, inside the IDE

• 1.2.1 → fix bug in ROS version environment parsing

• 1.2.0 → Run launch files inside the IDE

• 1.1.0 → Allow to use a custom version

• 1.0.1 → Change plugin name

• 1.0.0 → First release