KonaWorks PowerPack

Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
Oct 30, 2006

A pack with the following tools:

  • Group Modules (Project View) - Group some or all of your modules easily by: type, parent directory, name prefix/xuffix, DevKit (JDK/SDK), VCS type or language level
  • Array Indexer (Editor) - Show 'array element index' hint (Alt+mouse over).
  • Editor Gutter Context Menu (Editor) - menu for Editor with several actions available.
  • Insert Into (Editor) - A new code action to easily insert an expression inside a string literal (Ctrl+Alt+Insert).
  • Javadoc Roots (Navigation) - Easily navigate to any of the Javadoc roots available to your project (Shift+Ctrl+F1).
  • Tool Windows (Navigation) - 'Jump to ToolWindow...' popup (Alt+F12).
  • Open Editors (Navigation) - 'View Open Editors' popup (Ctrl+Shift+E).
  • CVS Log inspections (Inspections) - Reports files that contain CVS Log keywords

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Recent change notes


  • More options to some of the module grouping types
  • An "Edit Bookmark Description" menu item to the Editor Gutter Context Menu
  • Added CVS inspections