WhiteSource IDE Advisor

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA MPS Android Studio
Jan 24, 2019

WhiteSource IDE Advisor

Get all of the information that you need about open source security vulnerabilities in your software projects while coding with the WhiteSource IntelliJ IDEA Plugin.

Seamless IDE Integration

WhiteSource IntelliJ IDEA Plugin easily integrates into developers’ IDE environment, and runs automatic vulnerability checks in the background, providing users with immediate feedback. Whenever you want to activate it, the plug-in marks vulnerable open source components and dependencies in the code.

Valuable Security Information

Receive real-time information about each reported security vulnerability including:

  • Severity Level
  • Vulnerable dependencies
  • Detailed CVE data
  • Suggested fixes

Supported Languages

WhiteSource IntelliJ IDEA Plugin is initially supported in IDEA IntelliJ for Java, Kotlin and Scala projects using Maven.

Recent change notes

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