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- [Fixed] No more duplicate or empty tooltips in Visual Studio 2015. (#39 #48 #50)
- [Fixed] Visual Studio 2015 colors are now correctly used. (#40)
- [Fixed] The background color of the text editor is now used by the tooltip to avoid unreadable text with light-on-dark or dark-on-light themes. (#44)
- [Fixed] There is now a tooltip when hovering the "var" keyword followed by an array. (#36)
- [Fixed] Types in the global namespaces aren't displayed with a leading dot anymore. (#37)
- [Fixed] Exception labels were incorrectly stretched. (#53)
- [Fixed] Trackable tooltips don't close automatically anymore.
- [Added] The width of the tooltip can now be limited, defaults to 50% of the screen width. (#33)
- [Added] Class modifiers (abstract/sealed/unsafe) can now optionally be displayed. (#49)
- [Removed] No more support for ReSharper 8.2.3 (old version stays available).