Crawler-Lib NHunspell: Spell Check, Hyphenation, Thesaurus

Compatible with ReSharper
Apr 06, 2015
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Crawler-Lib NHunspell is a spell check, hyphenation, word stemming and thesaurus library based on the Open Office spell check library Hunspell. NHunspell can use the vast amount of OpenOffice dictionaries. It is an alternative to NetSpell, GNU Aspell, ISpell, PSpell and Enchant. It wraps the native libraries for Hunspell and Hyphen and contains a fully managed version of MyThes.
NHunspell is licensed under: GPL/LGPL/MPL. Free use in commercial applications is permitted according to the LGPL and MPL licenses. Your commercial application can link against the NHunspell DLLs.

IMPORTANT: Please visit the Project Site to get informations about Installation, Samples and Directories.

Recent change notes

Added Add(), AddWithAffix(), Delete() to the SpellEngine

Version 1.2.5359.26126:
Native DLLs updated to
Hunspell Version: 1.3.3
Hyphen Version: 2.8.7
MyThes Version: managed implementation
Hunspell / Hyphen Patches up to: 2014-07-30