xUnit.net Test Support for ReSharper 10

Compatible with ReSharper
Feb 01, 2016
54 641
A unit test provider for xUnit.net. Discovers and runs xUnit.net 1.x and 2.x tests. Includes annotations to aid ReSharper inspections and Live Templates to speed up inserting test methods and asserts.

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Recent change notes

• Explanatory text on diagnostic message notification (#111)

From previous releases:
• No longer treats all public methods in abstract base classes as tests (#105)
• Now works properly with code coverage, continuous testing + dotMemoryUnit, by disabling all concurrency under these conditions
• Fixed issue with discovering theories at runtime
• Support for ReSharper 10 (#82)
• Inherited tests not showing in results (#79)
• Theories can now be excluded by category (#89)
• Code completion, find usages, rename + navigation for MemberDataAttribute (#86)
• Updated to xunit 2.1. Can now use config in json, and disable AppDomains (#91)