xUnit.net Test Support

Compatible with ReSharper
May 12, 2015
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A unit test provider for xUnit.net. Discovers and runs xUnit.net 1.x and 2.0 tests. Includes annotations to aid ReSharper inspections and Live Templates to speed up inserting test methods and asserts

Recent change notes

Don't crash if we get badly formatted exception data from xunit1 (#50)

From previous builds:
• Support for xunit 2.0
• Rewritten the core runner to be more robust with multi-threading. Should fix issues with aborted or inconclusive tests (#44, #31)
• Updated external annotations for xunit 2.0 (#30)
• Read xunit 2.0 settings from config file (#40)
• Report diagnostic messages when 'xunit.diagnosticMessages' is set in config (#28)
• Report mismatched pre-release versions on failure (#23)
• Fixed crash working with xUnit.net 1.1
• Fixed an issue (#9) to run individual methods, rather than all methods in the class
• Fixed an issue (#21) with Unicode characters in display names and data attributes
• Captures output from ITestOutputHelper
• Shadow copy cache clean up on abort
• Parallelisation re-enabled!

Known issues:
• Live Templates for Theory use xunit1 namespace