Back Unity Support 1.6.1


• Fix nasty bug that will recreate all .meta files when reloading projects. Sorry! (#118)

From 1.6.0:
• Correctly update .meta files when creating, renaming or refactoring (#56, #61)
• "Create serialized field" from usage Quick Fix (#111)
• Inspections and quick fixes for incorrect event function signature and return type
• Event functions that are coroutines are now recognised and marked as in use (#52)
• Context action to convert event function signature to/from coroutine
• Add coroutine and optional parameter information to API and tooltips
• Expand API support to 5.0 - 5.6
• Add regex annotations for EditorTestsWithLogParser.ExpectLogLineRegex (#95)
• Warn if coroutine return value is unused (#99)

From 1.5.0:
• ReSharper 2016.3 support (#80, #90)
• Add inspection and Quick Fix to use CompareTag instead of string comparison (#82)
• Support Unity API for 5.2 - 5.5 (#81)
• Support undocumented ScriptableObject.OnValidate and Reset (#79)
• Support method name in string literal of MonoBehaviour.IsInvoking (#85)
• Support method name in string literal for MonoBehaviour.Start/StopCoroutine (#83)
• Add gutter icon and "Create" context action for Unity classes (#77)
• Fix method generation for static event functions (#73)
• Improve recognition of serialised fields (#87)
• Remove duplicate items in auto complete list (#92)

From 1.4.0:
• Enable functionality in projects that reference Unity assemblies, not just those that have the VSTU project flavour GUID (#53)
• Improve handling of C# language version. Default is correctly set to C# 4, not 5. Uses C# 6 if option is enabled in Unity 5.5. Handles the CSharp60Support plugin. (#50, #60)
• Treat UnityEngine.Debug.Assert as assertion methods, so ReSharper includes asserts in control flow analysis. (#62, #63 - thanks @joshuaoconnor!)
• Add string formatting inspections for debug assertion messages.
• Renamed "message handlers" to "event functions", as per the Unity documentation.
• Display a "gutter" icon for implicitly used event functions and fields. (#58)
• Display colour highlights and the colour palette picker for UnityEngine.Color and UnityEngine.Color32. (#51)
• Fix MonoBehaviour.Invoke code completion and rename support in string literals to work with the correct class, not just the current class. (#66)
• Support undocumented messages, such as OnGeneratedCSProjectFiles. (#59)
• Fix namespace provider settings for Assets and Assets\Scripts folders. (#64)
• Sort event functions alphabetically by default in code completion.

From previous releases:
• ReSharper 2016.2 support. Thanks @cmcpasserby! (#44, #46)
• Added support for event functions for all Unity classes, not just MonoBehaviour. Thanks @swalex, @rorydriscoll! (#20, #29, #44)
• External annotations to improve ReSharper's analysis, e.g. implicit usage and nullability of Component.gameObject. Thanks @bigbadtrumpet! (#34, #13, #15, #23, #42, #43)
• Code completion, find usages and rename support for Invoke, InvokeRepeating and CancelInvoke (#41)
• Auto-suggest event function completion when creating methods
• Event function descriptions for methods and parameters displayed in tooltips and QuickDoc
• "Read more" in QuickDoc navigates to Unity API documentation
• Suppress naming consistency checks on event functions
• Add parameters to generated event functions (#8)
• Automatically sets Unity projects to C# 5. No more incompatible C# 6 suggestions! (#5)