Back TestCop for ReSharper 2018.3.2

Notes R#2018.2 Recompile R#2018.1 Recompile R#2017.3 Recompile Ignores virtual folders when deriving target folder (Issue#11) Replaced assert in code with error msg (Issue#11) Changes to support non-namespace folders in project Bug fix corrected template selection R#2017.2 recompile Refactor of logic and bug fix for find matching test files when no direct reference present R#2017.1 recompile R#2016.3 recompile R#2016.3 recompile R#2016.2 recompile R#2016.2 recompile Rename Refactoring supports rename of any class within file finding associated test files Rename Refactoring skips rename of secondary class within file R#2016.1 recompile R#10.1 EAP recompile R#10.1 EAP recompile Able to override keyboard shortcut for running tests Support partial test classes. Trailing .* is ignored for partial class files e.g. MyClassTests.partial.cs or MyClass.SecurityTests.fixture.cs Move test file now preserves file name in all cases Added the test templates back into the build (template for when testcop creates the test class) Added ability to run associated unit tests Recompiled with R#10 Only checks test files within recognised Test projects Added support for // Resharper Disable Internal code cleanup Rename refactor bug fix for associated test files Recompiled with R#9.2 Recompiled with R#9.2 - however tests need rework Added ability to run associated unit tests Added document links to dialog Adding unit test file templates Rebuilt with R#9.1 Bug fixes for strategy using the regex from default strategy for test assembly identification. Rebuilt with R#9.0 - BETA Added support for multiple test project mapping to a single code project by using project name. Quickfixes added to move test class to correct folder and delete orphaned files.
Test file rename refactor support added (off by default). Support for multiple test class suffix (comma separated) Adding support to find orphaned project files Support added for solutions with a single test project for all code projects. Beta. Refactor of code. Supported added for single test project for all code projects within solution - Rebuilt with R#8.2 Puts exact match first in list when switching from test to code Minor bug fix to file template selection within settings dialog Now ignores nested test classes Fixed Memory Leak Added support for multiple test project mapping to a single code project. Can now turn off 'must be public' warnings.