ReCommended Extension for ReSharper

Compatible with ReSharper
Mar 06, 2019
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The ReCommended Extension for ReSharper augments the sophisticated code analysis engine by providing more rules not (yet) available from JetBrains. Among the most interesting features are - detection of redundant assertions, - inappropriate use of "async void", - exception analyzer (exceptions that should never be thrown or caught, exceptions thrown in unexpected locations), - array initializers (empty arrays or arrays initialized with default values), - "await" expression analyzer (add ".ConfigureAwait(false)" for last expressions, remove "async"/"await" for single expressions), - incorrect use of "ArgumentException" constructor parameters, - locking on weak identity objects, - using "yield return" inside the "lock" blocks, - incorrect use of ReSharper annotations, - and lots more. The most highlightings also have quick fixes for obvious solutions. Another feature of the extension are new context actions that simply save time for accomplishing everyday tasks, e.g. for adding ReSharper annotations, putting ".ConfigureAwait(false)", etc.

Recent change notes

Ensures compatibility with ReSharper 2018.3.4