Maven 2 Integration

Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
Apr 24, 2007
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This plugin integrates Maven 2 into IntelliJ IDEA

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Release Notes - MAIDEA - IntelliJ IDEA Maven-2 Plugin - Version 1.2.3 Bug
  • Maven process exits because of classpath error

General usage instructions


The IntelliJ IDEA Maven-2 plugin integrates Maven-2 into IntelliJ IDEA.

Similar to the Ant plugin, the Maven-2 plugin allows execution of goals (or phases) and redirects output (with error highlighting) to the message window.


Available for IDEA 6.0 (until version 1.1 also for IDEA 5.0) through IDEAs built-in plugin manager or directly from

In case you downloaded the plugin, simply extract the content of the binary archive into your IDEA plugin directory.

The extracted folder (idea-maven-plugin) contains another folder lib, where all the JARs reside.


Assuming you have specified the environment variables JAVA_HOME and M2_HOME the plugin should be ready to run without any further configuration.

In case JAVA_HOME is not defined, the plugin uses the internal IDEA JDK.

If M2_HOME is not defined, you must specify the home directory of Maven-2 in the configuration dialogs. This is a change starting from version 1.1 of the plugin.

Before version 1.1, Maven was called via the start script provided with the normal Maven installation. In order to get better access to the running Maven process Maven now is called directly by starting a Java process. This for example allows terminating the running Maven process by the user.

The configuration can be done in two ways:

Either via the IDE Settings or the Project Settings.

The project settings always override the application settings!

The plugin will not work with IDEA versions prior to 6.0!

The plugin was tested under Windows and Linux.

It was not tested under Mac OS X.

Retrotranslator was used to translate the JDK5 binaries into JDK1.4 ones.