Back Clean Code 5.3.3


• Highlighting CurrentValue/Threshold in Message
• Added VB.Net Support

From 5.3.0
• Updated to ReSharper 2017.3

From 5.2.0
• Updated to ReSharper 2017.2

From 5.1.0:
• Updated to ReSharper 2017.1

From 5.0.3:
• Stop marking abstract methods too long (#19)

From 5.0.2:
• Method parameter and type parameter declarations mistakenly used for "method too long" check (#12)

From 5.0.1:
• Updated to ReSharper 2016.2
• Fix minor installer issue

From 4.0.0:
• Warning if a method uses flag parameters
• Warning if a method contains too many nested blocks
• Warning if a method name is too short to be meaningful
• Warning if an epression is breaking the Law of Demeter
• Warning if a constructor has too many parameters, indicating too many dependencies
• Warning if a method has too many arguments
• Suggestion highlight if class has too many methods
• Suggestion highlight if method has too many statements