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Mar 12, 2019
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ReSharper plugins to modify DataContract/DataMember/XmlElement/XmlAttribute/EnumMember attributes, format/refactor strings and parameters, convert classes to "public contracts", convert to POCO, convert to read only class, string case, format Sql, Xml, Json strings, case insensitive string comparison refactoring, code cleanup (remove try/catch, remove class comments), enum refactoring/reordering/generation from database, NuGet helpers to pack and publish; generate .nuspec file, convert to auto-property or property with change notification, generate method body to convert from one class to another (generate object mapper code), add method to interface, and many more refactoring/sorting/clean-up/generation/coding tools. For more information and for free trial license, please see

Recent change notes

- Upgraded to ReSharper 2018.3.4

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