Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
Jun 21, 2007
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IntellIRC (or Intelli IRC) is an integrated IRC Client, featuring for example:
  • Managing list of IRC Network and Channel Favorites
  • Auto-Connect to Favorites at startup
  • Connect to multiple Servers/Channels
  • New: Specify a HTTP or SOCKS proxy
  • Fully supports IRC features (e.g. Actions)
  • Included Identd Server may be enabled if necessary
  • Enabling/Disabling Text Formatting/Timestamps
  • Conversation logging

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General usage instructions

If you start IDEA you will notice two new tool windows: "IRC Favorites" and "IntellIRC". The first one manages your favorites and the second one displays the chat window as seen on the screenshots above. You might begin with creating a Favorite. A Favorite is saved on shutdown and lets you easily connect to it. Click on the "Add Server" button in the toolbar, the window shown in the second screenshot appears. It will ask you for a Host name. Let's begin with a well-known IRC Host: "". The field 'nickname' is not mandatory as your global nickname will be used if you don't enter one. After you clicked OK the Favorite will appear in the Favorites window. Now let's add a favorite Channel (that's an IRC Chat room) for our favorite server. Select the "" item in the tree and click "Add Favorite Channel". Type in "#linux" and click ok. Now let's connect to our server. Double click on the "#linux" entry in the favorites tree and it will connect to the freenode IRC Network and automatically join the "#linux" chatroom. So far that was most you have to need. For advanced settings, open the IDEA settings dialog. There's a new category "IntellIRC", where you can define your global nickname, your signoff message, etc. etc..