Mugen MVVM Toolkit ReSharper

Compatible with ReSharper
Oct 28, 2013
Mugen MVVM Toolkit ReSharper plugin.

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Recent change notes

(+) The ability to automatically implement the IView interface.
(+) The ability to navigate from view to view model and from view model to view.
(+) The ability to add design data context (d:DataContext) depending on the ViewModel or PageViewModel attribute.
(+) Make classes to inherits from classes that marked by BaseViewModel attribute.
(+) Make classes to implements the interfaces that marked by BaseView attribute.
(+) The ability to auto-complete and validate model properties.
(+) The ability to wrap a view model to a custom wrapper.
(+) The ability to auto-implement the ICloseableViewModel and INotifyViewModelClosing interfaces.
(+) Expose model properties as view model ones.
(+) Analyzer for Task members that was not handled by using the WithBusyIndicator method.
(+) Check for arguments using the Should class.
(+) Analyzers for specific cases based on Toolkit.