Ant Tracer Plugin

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
Oct 31, 2006
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Displays a side by side view of the ant log and the matching build artifacts.

General usage instructions

OVERVIEW - The use case for this plugin is simple. Suppose you join a product team which has a huge build file possibly split into many parts. There is no easy way to understand what is happening in the build process. Control keeps on shifting from one target to another and from one build file to another. The plugin helps by displaying the ant log and the matching build artifact (targets and tasks) side by side so it is easy to understand the flow of the build process. USAGE - The first step is to generate xml log for the build process. You must be using ant 1.6.5 or above and parser like xerces. Copy either anttracer.jar or anttracerplugin.jar to ant lib. Run your ant script with the following listener. -listener org.nkumar.ant.trace.logger.XmlLogger log.xml will be created in the same dir. Open the same in idea and run ant tracer plugin using Ctrl-Alt-A, Ctrl-Alt-T (AT for ant tracer). A modal dialog should appear showing the log in the left pane and the matching build artifacts in the right pane.