Code Review

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
Oct 23, 2018
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Allows a developer to send a code review email that details any changes to their code compared with the repository. This email is sent before anything is checked in, so colleagues can have a chance to review your changes before they are committed.

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Recent change notes

v1.4.2 for IDEA 2018.3 and up (October 23rd 2018) - Chris Miller


  • [BUG] Content of new files wasn't being displayed in the code review.

v1.4.1 for IDEA 2018.3 and up (October 18th 2018) - Chris Miller


  • [BUG] Fixed NullPointerExceptions caused by changed IDEA APIs.
  • [BUG] Fixed broken configuration handling due to changed IDEA APIs.

v1.4.0 for IDEA 15.x and up (May 19th 2016) - Chris Miller


  • [BUG] Settings were no longer being displayed due to changed IDEA API.
  • [BUG] Binary files stopped working due to a changed IDEA API.

v1.3.6 for IDEA 12.0.2 and up (December 13th 2013) - Simon Wiehe


  • [IMPROVEMENT] Add a list of the changed files at the start of the email.

v1.3.5 for IDEA 12.0.2 and up (February 1st 2013) - Simon Wiehe


  • [BUG] Build with JDK 1.6.

v1.3.4 for IDEA 12.0.2 and up (January 28th 2013) - Simon Wiehe


  • [IMPROVEMENT] Give a meaningful explanation if the file sizes are too large to compare.
  • [BUG] Fix location of copy button icon.

v1.3.3 for IDEA 7.0.3 and up (November 11th 2009)


  • [IMPROVEMENT] Provides better indication of whether binary files have been added/deleted/changed
  • [BUG] Deleted binary files were being treated as text files and as a result their content was showing in the emails

v1.3.2 for IDEA 7.0.3 and up (November 11th 2009)


  • [IMPROVEMENT] Removed until-build attribute from plugin.xml so this plugin plays nicer with various IDEA builds and the (buggy?) Plugin Manager

v1.3.1 for IDEA 7.x and up (August 5th 2009)


  • [IMPROVEMENT] Emails are now sent with UTF-8 encoding

v1.3.0 for IDEA 7.x and up (August 4th 2009)


  • [NEW] Copy to clipboard button. This copies the HTML and/or plaintext to the clipboard
  • [NEW] SMTPS/SSL support. This allows the plugin to work with mailservers such as GMail
  • [IMPROVEMENT] When a file has been renamed, the diff now shows what it was renamed to
  • [IMPROVEMENT] The subject defaults to the (first 100 characters of) the commit message
  • [BUG] Passwords weren't being decoded properly when settings were first loaded
  • [BUG] Long subjects were causing the drop-downs to extend past the RHS of the Code Review dialog
  • [BUG] Pressing CTRL-ENTER when the focus was on the subject drop-down could result in changes to the subject being lost
  • [BUG] The Cancel button now returns the user to the Commit Changes dialog rather than the editor

v1.2.2 for IDEA 7.x (June 26th 2008)


  • [IMPROVEMENT] When a diff fails due to a problem with the underlying VCS, more information is now shown in the error dialog to help diagnose the problem
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Minor cosmetic changes

v1.2.1 for IDEA 7.x (June 6th 2008)


  • [BUG] The "to:" field wasn't populating its history correctly
  • [BUG] Fixed spelling mistake

v1.2.0 for IDEA 7.x (April 18th 2008)


  • [NEW] Option to ignore any trailing whitespace
  • [NEW] Original line numbers are now shown
  • [NEW] Added a button that copies the HTML to the clipboard
  • [NEW] Files are sorted by path
  • [NEW] More efficient memory usage
  • [BUG] Was throwing an exception when a binary file was encountered. Now indicates correctly that the file is binary

v1.1.0 for IDEA 6.0.2 (November 17th 2006)


  • [NEW] A Zip file containing all the changed files can be attached to the email
  • [NEW] The drop-down histories now display items with the most recently used entries at the top
  • [NEW] Added line number information to the ChangedFile.Line class
  • [BUG] Default settings work as originally intended
  • [BUG] Fixed NullPointerException that occurred when certain settings were blank

v1.0.0 for IDEA 6.0.2 (October 31st 2006)


Initial release.

General usage instructions

The first thing you will need to do is configure the plugin for sending email. Select Code Review Plugin under IDE Settings. Configure your mailserver, email addresses, subject prefix and HTML settings [note that the editing of templates is not yet supported which is why the Template tab is currently disabled]. Now begin a commit of a file or files that you have been editing. You will notice that a new Code Review option appears on the commit dialog's "commit" button drop-down. Type in a comment that you want to append to the top of the review email and then click the Code Review button. At this point you should see a dialog that shows a preview of your email along with To/Cc/Bcc/Subject options. Fill them in appropriately and click OK to send the email. Assuming your SMTP server settings were correct the email should now be on its way.