Code Review

Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
Dec 13, 2013
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Allows a developer to send a code review email that details any changes to their code compared with the repository. This email is sent before anything is checked in, so colleagues can have a chance to review your changes before they are committed.

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Recent change notes

Added a file list at the start of the email to easily see what files have been added/updated.

General usage instructions

The first thing you will need to do is configure the plugin for sending email. Select Code Review Plugin under IDE Settings. Configure your mailserver, email addresses, subject prefix and HTML settings [note that the editing of templates is not yet supported which is why the Template tab is currently disabled]. Now begin a commit of a file or files that you have been editing. You will notice that a new Code Review button appears on the commit dialog. Type in a comment that you want to append to the top of the review email and then click the Code Review button. At this point you should see a dialog that shows a preview of your email along with To/Cc/Bcc/Subject options. Fill them in appropriately and click OK to send the email. Assuming your SMTP server settings were correct the email should now be on its way.