yWorks Ant Explorer

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
Sep 14, 2005
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yWorks Ant Explorer visualizes Ant Build files. Open your build file and select "Ant Explorer" from the bottom tabbar. Ant Explorer allows you to view the dependencies of targets and properties.

Recent change notes

yWorks Ant Explorer is a tool that helps you exploring your Ant build files. - yWorks Ant Explorer is absolutely free! - yWorks Ant Explorer supports Ant, the de-facto build tool standard Today, Ant is widely spread in nearly all areas of Java programming and beyond. Common IDEs provide Ant support which increases both impact but as well complexity of Ant scripts. - yWorks Ant Explorer integrates transparently yWorks Ant Explorer can be executed directly replacing the usual commandline "ant." Visualization of the build script's run is done at the same time the script is processed. - yWorks Ant Explorer helps identifying complex dependencies Complex Ant scripts with complicated target dependencies are hard to maintain. By visualizing these dependencies, yWorks Ant Explorer provides the means to understand them, and to distinguish relevant form dispensable information. yWorks Ant Explorer supports nested Ant scripts ("import") and invocation using "antcall." - yWorks Ant Explorer presents properties Nested properties, especially those combining several other properties (e.g. class paths) are difficult to understand intuitively. yWorks Ant Explorer evaluates the content of such properties and presents both their dependencies and contents. - yWorks Ant Explorer visualizes Ant build script runs The run of a build script is visualized by animating the status of its targets.