Excelsior JET

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
Nov 27, 2007
Excelsior JET Plug-in streamlines the process of compiling Java SE applications down to native code (AOT) and packaging them for deployment using Excelsior JET.

Recent change notes

Updated for Intellij IDEA 7.0

General usage instructions

Excelsior JET Plug-in provides the following features: -- action to invoke JET Control Panel wizard from IntelliJ IDEA to compile your Java application to native code -- quick setup of Excelsior JET projects by importing application settings from your IntelliJ IDEA project -- action to setup command line arguments and run your JET-compiled Java application to test how it works -- action to invoke JetPackII deployment wizard to create installation packages which contain the binary components produced by Excelsior JET