Firefox Search

Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
Jun 16, 2007
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Searches for the current word or selection via Firefox search plugins. The plugin directory is user-specified, so it may be the live Firefox search plugins directory or a separate directory containing only relevant search providers.

Additionally, the plugin is extensible via writing new search plugins. Both .xml and .src formats are supported.

Certain search engines prefer to group phrases using quote marks, e.g. Google, so it's possible to define these.

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Recent change notes

  • 0.4 - initial release
  • 0.5 - removed JGoodies jar from distribution, reducing size by roughly 50%
  • 0.6 - added support for quoted search providers, allowing users to define which search engines should receive quoted phrases
  • 0.7 - plugin is now an application plugin instead of a project plugin, allowing the configuration to persist across projects
  • 0.8 - Fixed duplicate search actions in multi-project environments

General usage instructions

Specify a directory containing Firefox search plugins via the Settings panel. This does not have to be $FIREFOX_HOME/searchplugins, but may be an arbitrary directory containing search XML and SRC files.

You can now search for the current selection or word under the caret using any of the search providers from your Firefox search bar. To extend the searches, just add another search file into the directory.

Certain search engines prefer to group phrases using quote marks, e.g. Google, so it is possible to define these in the \"tweaks\" pane of the config view.


  • for the current version, the directory should *only* contain Firefox search files.

  • If new search files are added, you will need to open the settings panel, change the path to the search direcory, apply, then correct the path and close. Annoying, but will be fixed soon.

  • Tested on Ubuntu Linux and Windows XP.