Retrotranslator Integration

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
Jul 04, 2006
Automatically retrotranslate classes compiled by IDEA.
Generates classes compatible with 1.4 virtual machines from your Java 5 source code.
Now you can code using almost all new features in Java 5, compile, debug against a JVM 1.4 (selecting an alternative JRE), change your code, reload it, and continue debugging as usual.
All this can be done just selecting a check box in your module configuration and adding retrotranslator libraries to it.
Thanks to Taras Puchko, Retrotranslator author, for adding some extra functionality to his product to make this plugin development easier.
If you find this plugin useful and want to make a comment on it (bug, feature, whatever) feel free to send it to my email address.

Recent change notes

  • 0.2.8
    • Retrotranslator 1.0.6 integrated.