Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
Aug 06, 2007
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FileBrowser allows browsing directories and files inside and outside of the current project and thus makes it easier to open files with IDEA that are not part of the current project.

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Recent change notes


  • Fixed Bug: Deleting a file while in "Autoscroll from Source" mode in FileBrowser sometimes caused an Exception.
  • Added actions to go back and forward in the browsing history. Default keys assigned are like in the rest of IDEA CTRL+ALT+LEFT and CTRL+ALT+RIGHT
  • The shortcuts for the actions "Go To Parrent" (default: LEFT) and "Activate selected file or folder" (default: RIGHT or ENTER) can now be changed via IDEA's keymap settings
  • Displaying the parent in the file list can now be switched off in FileBrowser's application settings (File -> Settings -> IDE Settings -> FileBrowser)
  • It's not possible to navigate to the list of roots from within the file list anymore. Currently only by using the "Go To" action the root can be changed. A roots-menu will be added soon.


  • Fixed Bug: FileChooser invoked from FileBrowser's Copy or Move action didn't work properly.
  • Fixed Bug: Copy and Move didn't check whether the destination folder existed or whether there was already a file with the same name as the copied or moved file.
  • Removed autocompletion in desitination folder comboBox. This is now a standard feature of IDEA's FileChooser. No need to duplicate it here.
  • Destination folder comboBox now also contains project and application favorites
  • Added "Go To" action which can be used to jump directly to another folder without having to navigate step by step to it.
  • Added "Go Up" action. This one opens a menu with all ancestors of the current folder.
  • Move-Action was a bit dangerous. It first moved the file and then renamed it to its new name. So it would first overwrite a file in the destination folder that had the original name of the moved file and then rename it.


  • Fixed Bug: Pressing the DEL key in one of IDEA's Go To popup triggered FileBrowser's delete action.
  • Fixed Bug: Pressing the ENTER key in one of FileBrowser's dialogs made FileBrowser change to the parent folder after closing the dialog.
  • Completely reworked Copy/Move functionality: Select some files and execute the Copy or Move action to bring up a dialog where a destination folder can be chosen. Note: There is also some basic code completion available in the combobox for the destination folder
  • Removed Duplicate action. The Copy action does what Duplicate did and more.
  • Shortcuts for FileBrowser actions now only work when the list has the focus. So you can reuse shortcuts used for other toolwindows, since FileBrowser's shortcuts are only valid inside FileBrowser.


  • Partly fixed the bug of actions being reregistered when switching a project or openng a new one in a new window. Only for some of the actions shortcuts can be set now. The rest will follow soon.


  • Renamed the action "Paste" to "Copy". That should make the handling a bit clearer. First you mark some files, then you decide whether to copy or move them to another folder.
  • Shortcuts for all actions defined in FileBrowser can be assigned in IDEA's keymap settings. The default shortcuts are:
    • Delete: Del
    • Mark: F4
    • Copy: F5
    • Move: F6
    • Rename: shift F6
    • Add to application favorites: alt A
    • Add to project favorites: alt P
  • When trying to open a file of a file type unknown to IDEA, the user now is asked to define a file type for the suffix of the file.


  • Added Copy/Paste and Move operations: Use the Mark-Action in the popup to mark files and Paste or Move to copy or move them into another folder.
  • The list now allows multiple interval selection.


  • The files and folders in the list take up less space than before.


  • The toolwindow and the saved settings are now named FileBrowser instead of FileBrowserImpl


  • Initial release

General usage instructions

FileBrowser allows browsing directories and files inside and outside of the current project and thus makes it easier to open files with IDEA that are not part of the current project. Visit the homepage of this plugin to see how it works.