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Dec 09, 2014
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Open files/tabs switcher to quickly switch between tabs with less keystrokes than Recent Files. Open files are selected from a list in most recently used order, similarly to Alt+Tab in Windows or Ctrl-Tab in Opera. By default the action is mapped to Alt+A, but another popular assignment is CMD+E.

Thanks to Timur Zambalayev for the original plugin, Martin Fuhrer for a major contribution in the form of a rewrite and Mark Scott for patching a bug. Follow further development of this plugin on GitHub or follow me on twitter for announcements and other things.

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Recent change notes

3.0.8: Build with java 1.6.
3.0.7: Bug-fix: reverse recent files array _before_ checking their validity do be added to list.
3.0.6: Remove TabSwitch settings. Is not used anymore.
3.0.5: Project is upgraded to use java 7.
3.0.4: When only one file is opened - do not display the TabSwitch list. Also some refactorings.
3.0.3: Lots of code clean ups. Does not display same file in the list twice anymore.
3.0.2: Do not include directories when listing recent VCS changes popup window. Removed light green background color from popup list.
3.0.1: Added new TabSwitch Action to display modified files in the default change list of your VCS. Large refactoring.
3.0.0: Fixed bug where it moved two steps down on each move-down-action.
2.2.0: Cleaning up some code.
2.1.9: Switch to open tab even if it is located in a different split pane.
2.1.8: The TabSwitch actions are now available during background indexing in Maia.
2.1.7: Fix for mouse over popup changes selection problem reported by Michael Bushe.
2.1.6: RubyMine compatible version.