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Jan 14, 2019
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Interactive XSLT Debugger. Allows debugging of XSLT stylesheets in IntelliJ IDEA.

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Recent change notes

Xalan Support. To debug with Xalan instead of SAXON, a supported Xalan version (2.7.x) should be present in the classpath or "-Dxslt.transformer.type=xalan" should be added as VM argument for the run configuration. Debugging with SAXON can be forced by adding "-Dxslt.transformer.type=saxon".

General usage instructions

Important: The plugin requires version 3 or later of the XPathView+XSLT-Support plugin. If this isn't installed yet, IDEA will automatically download and install it when installing the XSLT-Debugger plugin. If an earlier version is already installed, please upgrade the plugin manually. The debugger is started with the regular "Debug" icon in the toolbar and is controlled by the well-known debugger actions in the "XSLT Debugger" tab that appears in the Run-Toolwindow. Setting breakpoints and changing their properties in XSLTs works just like in Java files.