Vcs Revision Graph

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA PhpStorm WebStorm PyCharm RubyMine AppCode CLion GoLand DataGrip Rider MPS Android Studio
Dec 27, 2007
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Draws a graph of all revisions of the current Vcs controlled file. Currently supports both CVS and Subversion. The graph can be zoomed in and out to better manage large revision graph history. Not all Vcs implementations support merge history so if you follow a convention of adding "Merge From: [branchName]" and "Revision: [revisionNumber]" in your commit message when you check in a merged file, the revision graph will draw red merge arrows showing the merge graphically. Right click editor and choose Revision Graph... from within the Vcs menu. Allows retrieval of any selected revision into your current working copy. Selecting an edge connecting two revisions will automatically perform a comparison. The configuration dialog offers generic functionality for all Vcs implementations to filter in or out specified branches by branch name and filter in our out specified revisions by date. The CVS implementation offers the ability to add and remove tags to specific revisions in the graph regardless of what is in the sandbox. Provides simple management of merge tags based on a configurable merge tag naming convention. Tags can be filtered in or out based on a regular expression.

Recent change notes

  • 1.10
    1. Added online help.
  • 1.01
    1. Fixed null pointer exception that occurs due to bug in CVS integration with IntelliJ 7.
    2. Added stack trace after exception occurs to help diagnose the problem better.
  • 1.00
    1. Redesign of CVSRevisionGraph to be generic with Vcs implementation specific features.
    2. Currently only CVS and Subversion are supported.

General usage instructions

Right click the editor window with the source file you want to see the revision graph for. Select the specific implementation of Vcs and then Revision Graph menu option.