Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
Dec 20, 2007
This plugin imports files and folders from the native file system to IntelliJ Idea project or anywhere in the native path system. By default the files or folders chosen by the user will be imported in the folder selected in the Project view. User can select source and destination folder by browsing through file system. If in the project view a file is selected as a destination then the files will be imported in the parent folder. If nothing is selected as destination folder then by default the files will be copied in the main module directory where the IntelliJ project file .ipr is located. Before importing user can preview the file in a separate window. Two types of import are supported. User can either copy the files or move the files. In case of moving the file original files or folder will be deleted. Filtering feature is also provided. User can filter the type of files can be chosen through add button. Other features include remove files from importing after choosing. Optional Deletion of source files/folders after importing. By default the source files/folders will be copied. Two different view is supported. Primary view is folder view. Other view is file view where all the files inside the folders will be displayed in the import selection box. The feature of overriding destination files/folders is also provided.

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