Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
Jun 13, 2009
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Creates an environment for creating Arc code, including syntax highlighting, simple structure view, and a REPL.

Recent change notes

  • The plugin is blowing the heap if you open the settings dialog and do... much of anything for very long. Admittedly, this is pretty horrible. But open it once, set your Arc and MzScheme home settings, and hopefully you shouldn't have to go back in. This is the number one priority bug right now.
  • Find usages for def/mac/= only works if the cursor is at the leading left paren
  • Auto code formatting doesn't work great, and is not yet customizable
  • The annotator that checks parameter counts is giving some false positives
Version 0.4 - 2009.06.11
  • Tabbed REPL
  • Experimental - first hack at a macroexpansion action
  • Greatly improved parsing
  • CL-style docstrings; when available, these show up in the tooltops when you shift-mouse over a variable reference
  • External documentation, scraped from the Practical Scheme Arc xref wiki
  • Symbol lookup (note that "class lookup" in an Arc file will actually do symbol lookup)
  • Navigation from variable references to variable definitions (def/mac/=)
  • Simple code completion (and note that code preview (cmd-shift-I) works from within the code completion popup!)
  • A first hack at support for "find usages"
  • A first hack at an annotator to warn you if you're feeding the wrong number of parameters to a function or macro
  • Simple file template for new Arc files
Version 0.3 - 2008.03.26
  • Bug fixes
Version 0.2 - 2008.03.14
  • No changes
Version 0.1 - 2008.03.11
  • Simple syntax highlighting, with customizable fonts and colors
  • Arc REPL
  • Go to REPL (option-R on the Mac, although this is customizable)
  • Run selected code (option-S on the Mac, although this is customizable)
  • Load current file (option-L on the Mac, although this is customizable)
  • Simple structure view, showing function and macro definitions in the current file