Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
Mar 30, 2012
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Jalapeño Development Environment

InterSystems Jalapeño (JAva LAnguage PErsistence with NO mapping) technology provides a new way for Java developers to rapidly build database applications.

Jalapeño lets Java programmers define data classes and build applications within their favourite Java development environments using object oriented techniques, and, because their data is persisted in Caché, still query it using SQL via JDBC, ODBC, Web Services or JPA Entity Manager. Jalapeño supports data-aware refactoring of object model, automatic test data population and creation of ANT scripts for common build and testing operations. Jalapeño is fully compatible with JPA and implements much of JPA functionality.

Jalapeño supports database independence by providing an export utility that will convert the Caché class schema (originally derived from pure Java class definitions) to a DDL file that can be imported into a relational database. The Object Manager automatically uses object persistence methods (Open, Save, New, Delete) when accessing Caché, and relational persistence methods (Select, Update, Insert, Delete) when it is configured to connect to a relational database.

Plugin Features:

  • Automatic database schema creation
  • Error reporting
  • Data-aware refactoring
  • Auto-completion of property names
  • Automatic test data population
  • Indices and constraints specification
  • Ant Script Support

Plugin does not include support for JavaEE Integration so it can run inside Community Edition of thr IDE. If you use Ultimate Edition Please install "Jalapeno Support for JavaEE" to enable JavaEE integration.

Download plugin

Recent change notes

Updated to port for IDEA 11

General usage instructions

This plugin requires InterSystems Caché to be installed. If it is not installed Plugin will take user to download page.

Plugin checks if the library with InterSystems Jalapeño driver is available in IDEA environment. If it is not plugin creates a global library named “Jalapeno-CacheDB” the first time it is loaded and displays corresponding message. This should happen only once.